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Fifth example. A family with two children is building a house. A dad with the motivation “Care for others” argues like this: since there are two children, it means that more bedrooms are needed, because both children and grandchildren and friends will come onlinecasinoluxembourg.

A house of 500 m2 is being built. Bottom line: the children have grown up, no one goes to the house, 500 m2 for two is a lot, and maintenance is expensive. When selling, it turns out that a third of the money invested cannot be returned - there are too few people willing to pay for so many rooms.

Such examples can be given endlessly. It is important to understand: needs and motives must be commensurate with life cycles and financial opportunities. And the size and location of real estate should not always be tied to the needs of children who grow up and move out to a separate area.


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